About Me

Hello and a warm welcome to my blog. I don’t know how you found me or if you know me but everyone is welcome to have a look and comment on all the things going on in my life and whats important to me.

I am thirty something and a bit of a geek, I love Sci-Fi and technology and am obsessed with my mobile and my laptop. I am a bit of an Apple nerd and always have to update all my stuff to have the latest iPhone, iPad or iMac.

From a young age I have been a mad Star Wars fan and this year sees the latest release from the series that I love. I am already planning the cinema night for that one and whilst I wait I have plenty to be getting on with.

I have a lovely wife Julie and a new born baby Joules and we are very happy and living in Cornwall. All my family are from here and so is Julie’s and so we have a great network to help make life a little easier.

I run a small shop in my home town selling a little bit of everything I like. Its a bit of a mish mash of a place but friends and customers say its pretty cool. From a few cool gadgets to unique Sci-Fi stuff we have a weird and wonderful range of things every geek would probably appreciate. I am always on the look out for the unusual and most of the stuff I stock is one off’s or rare/hard to find pieces. I have just started to widen the stock to include some clothes as well all geeky stuff which fortunately for me sells well and is pretty cool at the moment.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and come back soon.

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