Buzzing about my new plaques

Dr Who plaques

My new Doctor Who plaques are amazing

Sci-fi is my passion and when I found some Dr Who plaques online I had to spoil myself. The website was super cool and specialised in limited edition pieces of science fiction legend and I could have blown my wages in about three minutes. I love one off’s and rare bits to dot around my house and when I saw these Dr Who bits I thought what the hell and ordered them straight away.

The space for my new sci-fi plaques is ready

I am so excited to get them and have already pre-prepared a space for them in the living room. The missus wasn’t happy but as I said to her she has plenty of bits and pieces around the place that I am not that fussed about and so one little indulgence of my own is only fair.

The plaques are a genuine replica of plaques on the actual Doctor Who tardis and are exact copies including the materials used and so you cannot get any better than the actual originals. As a mad keen fan of the Doctor and someone who has watched every single episode more than once this originality and attention to detail is why I paid the sum I did for these plaques to adorn my living room walls.

I am getting the two I have bought framed in a funky frame so they look cool in the room and as a consideration for my missus.

Mates thought I was nuts paying that much for plaques

I went to the pub Friday and told the boys about my latest purchase and a couple of them thought I was nuts spending so much on memorabilia but agreed they looked pretty cool. We had a pretty decent night out too went to a few new pubs in town I hadn’t been to before and really enjoyed it. I haven’t been out with the lads since before Christmas and so it was good to let my hair down and have a blast.

Now its back to saving a few pounds though I have seen a few thing on that have my name on them. I even found a little something for my lady for Valentines and already placed that little order last week.

I have also booked a night away in Cardiff for a surprise and we are going to visit the Dr Who museum which is in the Welsh capitol. Its got everything from a walk around the Tardis tour and full interactive experience to a host of exhibits from the show. I can’t wait to go and have been thinking about it for ages so I have combined a romantic night away with a bit of Sci-Fi heaven for me. Hopefully the exhibit will live up to my high expectations and I will even get to see the same plaques that I ordered for my living room on the replica Dr Who Tardis!

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